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Planning Your Roadtrip

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How to plan your Roadtrip - Shannon Did What?

It’s the summer, guys!  Get up and go on a roadtrip!  I don’t think I realized how much I loved roadtrips until last year.  It is really something else to be on an open road, sometimes with no other cars around you.  It’s a pretty freeing and liberating feeling.  I think I had always focused on wanted to get out of the country and explore other parts of this world and experience different cultures.  I forgot some of the most beautiful places to explore are right here in the US.  So, get up and get in your car and drive!  Here are a couple of things to think about when you’re planning your next trip:


First of all, where do you want to go?  Figure out where you want to start and end.  I know sounds silly, but think is really the first step.


Once you figure out your route and where you’re going, choose how many miles you want to drive a day.  This really depends on how much time you have for your roadtrip.  I discovered Google Maps was my best friend in all of this.  It can help you figure out how many miles and the time it will take.  You can even put in the specific time and day you will be travelling and it will estimate your travel time based on traffic data.


I would definitely recommend figuring out where you will be staying each night before you go.   Especially if you have your mileage mapped out for each day, you should be able to know the area where you want to end up each day.  And at the end of the day, you won’t have anything to worry about.  You will already have somewhere to stay.


Look up your route ahead of time.  You may be able to find some cool or quirky places to visit on your route.  Of course detours are probably the most fun.  Don’t be afraid to stop if you see something that strikes your interest.


Make sure you have a full service check up on your car before you head out on your adventure.  Trust me, have them check everything.  And I mean everything: tires, breaks, fluids, air conditioning and any other car related issues (not a car expert here).  Our A/C was broken and that eastern humidity and desert heat killed on our cross country roadtrip.  Also, if you’re planning a roadtrip to move somewhere, make sure you factor in the weight of your car for your drive time.  I know our car was heavily weighed down and took longer to accelerate, stop and didn’t go as fast as an empty car.


If you need a little more help planning, I've also written about how to plan a trip like boss, here!  Also, I’ve made a list of the essentials to bring on your trip.  Check it out, here!

Yours Truly // Shannon


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Tape Pattern Easter Eggs

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Thin Masking Tape
Hard Boiled Eggs
Egg Dye Kit

Dyeing Easter eggs is my favorite Easter tradition in my family.  Scratch that, my favorite Easter tradition is the Easter egg hunt.  Or maybe it's the pink jello bunny my mom makes for dessert. Shoot, I guess I have a lot of favorite traditions for Easter.  And yes, we still do an Easter egg hunt on Easter.  And no, there are no children running around wanting an Easter egg hunt.  It's me.  I confess.  I love having an Easter egg hunt and I know my older brother and cousin love it, as well, and they're in their thirties.  The best part is the money egg.  Every year, my mom and aunts hide a tiny egg usually filled with a $20 bill.  It's the coveted egg to find.  We've all developed a strategy to find that egg before all of our other loot.  Who needs to pick up candy labeled with our names first when you can find money?

Years ago we discovered that you can draw on the hard boiled eggs with colorless wax crayons before dyeing them.  Now tons of kits include them.  It's a fun way to decorate the eggs.  The biggest downfall is that it's a colorless crayon so you can't see what you've drawn!  I was thinking of how to create some unique patterned eggs using something other than a colorless crayon.  I found some thin masking tape.   There are endless option with tape!  

The steps are simple:

  1. Cut tape to desired length.
  2. Create fun patterns.
  3. Make sure tape is secured.
  4. Follow kits' instructions to prepare dye.
  5. Dye eggs to desired color.
  6. Let eggs dry, peel off tape and enjoy!

The end result wasn't exactly what I imagined, probably, because the tape didn't completely adhere to the egg making the designs a little messy looking.  It is hard to put tape on a curved, slightly moist surface.  But this is definitely a quick way to create unique and fun designs for last minute egg dyeing.  I've seen a couple of other tutorials where they used spray paint to color the eggs.  I decided against this, since I'm not sure how editable those eggs would be after.  Also, this is a super cheap and fast way to create fun eggs this weekend!

Yours Truly // Shannon

Keep Having Big Dreams

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Free Download - Keep Having Big Dreams

I’m always all about positive thoughts and positive quotes that help keep me in that mindset. Also, I’ve been trying to think of a new quote to put on my phone home screen, since the last download I posted.  For my birthday this past week, my dad gave me a card that said at the bottom, “Ps. keep having big dreams and making them come true.”  It really struck a chord with me as that is exactly what I’ve been trying to do for the past year.  Setting goals, or dreams, and trying to make them happen.  This blog was a dream.  And look at me now!

I created this downloadable background for you to use on either your phone or your computer.  I hope its as big of a reminder to you as it is to me.  And I hope it inspires you to keep setting big dreams for yourself.  You never know what you can accomplish until you set your mind to it.  And special thanks to my dad for always encouraging me to dream big.

Yours Truly // Shannon

Free Download - Keep Having Big Dreams

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