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Los Feliz Food Guide

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Los Feliz Food Guide - Shannon Did What?

Before I moved to the Los Feliz area over a year ago, I frankly didn’t even realize that it existed.  And I grew up right down the freeway.  So that’s weird.  When I was figuring out if I wanted to move to Los Feliz all I heard about it was that it was a super hipster area.  While that is definitely true, it’s not just that.  Los Feliz is actually a pretty small area and everything basically exists on two main streets, Vermont and Hillhurst.  I was trying really hard to figure out how to best lay out all of my favorite places to eat in Los Feliz because even I was surprised that there are a ton of great food options.  We’re going to do Vermont vs Hillhurst.  I don’t know which street has the better food.  You can be the judge of that!  So here is round one of my favorite Los Feliz eats on Vermont Ave.  In order of my most favorite to favorite:


The Rockwell doubles as a great places to get drinks and dinner and also as fun live entertainment venue.  The front part of the building is where you can catch a dinner theater show.  Your waiter may even be part of the show.  I saw the Unauthorized Devil Wears Prada Musical.  I feel like I have a weird connection with the movie Devil Wears Prada because I interned at Vogue during college and literally lived the Devil Wears Prada life.  It did not disappoint.  If you choose to just have dinner or drinks here, the entrance is around the back off the alley.  The ambience is great because its not super sceney or loud.  The food is amazing.  Try the goat cheese and truffle ravioli.  First of all, anything with truffle…sign me up.  The goat cheese ravioli comes on top of a tomato sauce and pesto with the truffle drizzled on top.  Yum.


They serve churro ice cream sandwiches here.  Need I say more?  The first time I ordered one I was like but is the churro going to be too crunchy where it will fall apart or will it be too soft and not be sturdy enough to hold all the ice cream?  But I was worrying about nothing.  The churro was just the right amount of soft with crunch.  They also serve churro fries and fresh fruit paleta popsicles.  Both are delish! A must try.


This is a great spot to grab a drink at night.  It’s an awesome throwback lounge with live music and good drinks.  The two owners get up and sing live jazz music.  They are the cutest old couple.  It makes for a great ambiance.  The Dresden was also featured in the film “Swingers”.


This little french cafe is a great weekend brunch spot.  They have seating on the sidewalk so it really feels like your sitting in a french cafe in Paris people watching.  Well, maybe not, but just try and imagine it.  Your waiter might even have a french accent as an added plus.  I saw Johnny Drama from Entourage here last year, so you know you may even see a celebrity if you eat here.


I love grabbing lunch or dinner from here or even just picking up take out to bring home.  I feel like maybe its a healthy option than other takeout.  Their mediterranean food is delicious.  You get rice, pita bread and your choice of sides, so you definitely get a well-rounded meal.  They have a cute little outside patio to eat on.


Open 24 hours, you literally can go here whenever you want so All-American diner comfort food. I tend to like it for a good late night snack.  You know after you’ve been to the Dresden for some drinks.  They have a pretty big variety of different foods you can get so you really can’t go wrong.


A great place to grab some food and drinks with friends.  They have a bunch of tv’s so it’s a fun place to catch a sports event or go to meet people.  Not much explaining to do with this place. Beer, drinks, food and tv.  Can't go wrong there.


Directly next to Public House and actually kind of the same building.  They share bathrooms.  This is a great little spot to go to for a drink if you’re not up to the crowd and noise of Public House.  They have a small food menu too.  As the bartender to play Jenga!  They keep it behind the bar.

Stay tuned for my follow-up to this food guide with my Los Feliz Food Guide on Hillhurst!  So many great places to eat on both streets.  

Yours Truly // Shannon