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2016 Planners

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2016 Planners

1. Kate Spade Black Stripe 17-Month Agenda - $30 - 30% OFF w/ code SHINE
Has a planner ever looked so sophisticated?
2. Bando Ringleader 17-Month Agenda - $20 - 20% OFF w/ code TINSELTOWN20
Filled with tons of cool illustrations and fun to-do's for the weekends.
3. Poketo Stick-up Weekly Calendar - $10 - 20% OFF w/ code GIVEART25
Calendar, to-do list and sticky note pad all-in-one.
4. Sugar Paper Kraft Paper Planner - $7.99
Kraft paper and gold foil, what else could be better?
5. Poketo Marble Planner - $36 - 20% OFF w/ code GIVEART25
This takes minimal planners to the next level.
6. Rifle Paper Birch Floral 17-Month Planner - $23.80
Complete with inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.
7. Sugar Paper Blush Pink Strip Planner - $9.99
Blush pink goes with everything and it comes with a great notes section.
8. A Beautiful Mess Planner - $35
 They're limited edition, and amazing.


Happy first day of the last month of the year! It's that time to start thinking about calendars for 2016!  Or maybe that's just me?  Organization is probably one of my favorite past times which is probably why i have a couple of planners each year.  Well, that could be more because I'm extremely indecisive and these planners are ALL so freaking cute.  I already have 2 Sugar Paper x Target planners and I'm still debating which of these I want.  I keep telling myself I going to return one.  Sometimes you need a planner for work, home, and your purse.  Or maybe that's not a thing?  Also, there are still a few on sale, so that makes it all ok, right?

Hopefully, you can pick one way more easily than I could.  Happy December!

Yours Truly // Shannon