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Favorite LA Brunch Spots: Part 2

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Another day, another blog post, another place to brunch.  Here's five more of my favorite places to brunch all around Los Angeles, hooray!


This is probably one of my favorite breakfast places to eat in the Los Angeles area.  It is located in Grand Central Market, which I talked about briefly in one of my very first blog posts.  If you get to Egg Slut past 9am, you'll be waiting in line for more than an hour.  So get there super early (they open the doors at 8am but people already start to line up earlier than that) or be prepared to wait, but trust me it is all worth it.  My favorite is the Sausage, Egg and Cheese sandwich - honey mustard aioli, a runny egg and a fresh, warm brioche bun, yes please!


I’ve been hearing about Malibu Farm for a long time now, and dying to try it ever since.  I finally got the chance to go and it did not disappoint.  The food is farm to table style and really delicious, but the atmosphere and views are hands down what make the experience. If you’re looking for a great place to brunch with a view, keep this place in mind.  The parking can be a little tricky, but if you wait in line for the parking lot directing in front of the pier, chances are people will be leaving.


Joan’s on Third is probably one of the hippest place you can go to eat.  It’s a super cute gourmet marketplace and cafe to grab food.  Their desserts and cakes are also really delicious.  There are multiple counters that you can order from, so don’t get confused when you walk in.  Chances are if you get into the corner line, you’ll be staring at the pastries while you wait. You’ll definitely be tempted because they are so delicious.  This is the original location but there are a few locations if you’re curious and not in the mid-city area!


Everything about the Lincoln in Pasadena screams cuteness.  It is the picture perfect little cafe and marketplace and the food is absolutely amazing.  The passion fruit lemonade that I got here was so tasty.  The Lincoln also has a cute store next door.  It's one of those boutiques that has knick knacks that you could always use more of.


Located on the first floor of the Ace Hotel Downtown, LA Chapter is a super hip place to grab brunch on the weekend.  They have the most delicious avocado toast and homemade ricotta toast with honeycomb that seriously rivals the same dishes at Sqirl.  The honeycomb on the ricotta toast is really next level.  Once you finish lunch make sure to head to the store across the lobby to take pictures in their photobooth or head upstairs to the rooftop for more drinks and great views of the city.

Go on, check one of these out this weekend.  You won't regret it.

Yours truly // Shannon


LA Summer Bucket List

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LA Summer Bucket List - Shannon Did What?


Visit the LACMA Lights
    Listen to Jazz at LACMA
    Hike to the Hollywood Sign
    Screening at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
    Explore the Sunken City
    Go to a Drive-in Movie Theater
    Explore the Getty Villa
 > Watch a concert at the Hollywood Bowl
    Go on a Malibu Wines Safari
    Try Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
>  Go to the Downtown LA Flower Mart
    Go Strawberry Picking
    Experience a Silent Disco
    Go to Daybreaker
    Go to Royce’s Arcade for free Saturday play
    Experience DTLA Skyspace LA Slide
    Attend a KCRW summer nights
>  Shop at the Rose Bowl Flea Market
    Have a tea party at Alfred Tea
    Explore the Melrose Trading Post
>  Tour Dodger Stadium
    Go camping
    Hike at Runyon Canyon
>  Have a Beach Bonfire


As summer is fast approaching, I’m starting to try to plan out my weekends with as many fun activities as possible.  I tried to come up with some popular LA experiences I’ve never done and some more unique ideas.  It’s funny I’ve lived in Los Angeles my whole life and I’ve never hiked to the Hollywood Sign or done Runyon.  I think as a native you don’t grow up doing the touristy things, so I’ve added those to my list.  I’ve already started on a few of these and everything has not disappointed.  Those ones are checked off with a >, like my tour of Dodger Stadium, which you can read about here!

I think seeing a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, eating Liquid Nitrogen ice cream, and afternoon tea at Alfred Coffee’s new place Alfred Tea are at the top of my list right now.  I’d probably even add Malibu Wines Safari to that list as well.  So excited to get started on the rest of my Los Angeles Summer Bucket List.  Hope it gives you some fun ideas to do this summer too!

Yours Truly // Shannon

Los Feliz Food Guide, Two.

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Los Feliz Food Guide - Shannon Did What?

I really can’t decide which street I prefer to eat on when it comes to Vermont Avenue versus Hillhurst Avenue in Los Feliz.  And yes, there are plenty of other streets to eat on in Los Feliz, but these two stand out as the main ones that make up the small city.  For dessert there is the epic battle between Jeni’s Ice Cream and Churro Burrough.  Or Sidewalk Grill versus Spitz when craving something from the Mediterranean.

This local gastropub is a great places to stop at anytime of day.  They have a killer weekend brunch and delicious choices for dinner.  Tuesdays they have $1 Oysters and tacos and $5 draft beers.  The décor and theme is awesome as well.  Its like your transported back to summer camp all over again, this time with a great cocktail in hand.  I’m a sucker for their charcuterie and cheese board and the black kale salad.

This place always seems to be booming with business.  A lot of people grab drinks here after work.  It’s a great place for date night or just if you’re craving some good Italian.  Get the grilled provoleta (who can say no to grilled cheese with chimichurri?) and rice balls to start.

Yen Sushi is a tiny restaurant at the far end of the Albertson’s parking lot.  I’m pretty sure its tiny shoebox size only has like 10-15 tables, but oh is it delicious.  Everything that you order is so pretty when it arrives on your table.  Also they keep the chopsticks in a drawer on the side of the table.  I don’t know why I found this so cool.

I ate here the very first day I moved to Los Feliz.  Maybe it was that we were extremely tired and hungry after moving tons of boxes into my new apartment, but the lunch here was absolutely to die for.  Community is a tiny little restaurant with communal tables, which really just gives it that homey, friendly vibe.  Get the double bacon grilled cheese.  Yes, it’s as heavenly as it sounds.  They also have a great looking dinner menu.

I ate here after eating at Yen Sushi across the street.  They could not be more opposite in the best way possible.  San Sushi is more minimalist, traditional and pure.  Yen was more like the modern, elaborate take on Sushi.  Both were delicious and ties in my book.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams are all indeed splendid.  Scratch that, superb.  The second you walk through the door, you will be hit by the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies.  What you’re actually smelling is their freshly made, on-the-spot, waffle cones.  When you ask for samples, and you should ask for multiple, they give you an actual tiny metal spoon with your tasting.  Get the brambleberry crisp.  Don’t ask me what a brambleberry is, just trust me and get it.  You won’t regret it.

You literally could come to Alcove any time of day and you would leave completely happy and full.  They offer a full brunch menu, as well as, lunch, dinner and drinks.  You get to sit outside on their patio that literally wraps around the building.  So come for weekend brunch (breakfast is served til 5pm) or grab a weeknight drink here.  Also, try as you might, but their cakes, pies, cookies and other baked goods are almost impossible to resist.

Home is a cute little place to eat like Alcove.  Great for weekend brunch.  You could really not go wrong eating at either.  You will also get to sit outside on their patio.  It is indeed very homey.

Spitz is the resident Mediterranean food place on Hillhurst.  It's more street food than its rival, Sidewalk Grill, on Vermont.  Come for the street cart fries! Garlic aioli and feta cheese, yes please. They won’t disappoint.

There are so many delicious options to eat at on Hillhurst.  You can grab everything from breakfast to dessert or Italian to Japanese.  Check out my other Los Feliz Food Guide for Vermont Avenue, here.  You can decide for yourself which street has the better food!

Yours Truly // Shannon