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Where to Stay in Ubud, Bali

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Ubud, first off, is a dreamy place.  I can't speak highly enough about it.  I would go back to Ubud in a heart beat.  Just being in the middle of the jungle is cool enough, but all that Ubud has to offer is even better.  I think part of the reason why I look back at Ubud so highly is because of the amazing hotel I stayed at.  This is not a sponsored post, just throwing out some high praise for an great place.


The first thing you see when you’re driving into the Alila Ubud are the endless rows of rice terraces.  You feel like you’ve just entered heaven on Earth.  You weave back and forth through the lush green landscape until you arrive at the lobby turnaround where you get your first glimpse of the infamous infinity pool just in the distance.  Looking around further, you quickly realize your smack dab in the middle of thriving jungle, loud jungle sounds and all.


When you first arrive at the Alila, they are so welcoming the second your car door opens with a huge amount of Balinese hospitality.  Instead of standing at the counter, as you would do at most hotels, they offer you a seat in their beautiful open lobby, hand you a cool hand towel (which was amazing after traveling for 24 hours), hot tea and take care of the entire check-in process with you comfortably seated.  They then escort you to your room while carrying your luggage.  We were even given a full tour of our room amenities.


The rooms are a good size.  Each room has a large front porch (if on the first floor) that is open and looks out into the vastness of the jungle.  The jungle sounds are so loud throughout the day and night, you literally feel that you’re in deep in the jungle which, well, you are.  The bathroom is one thing that you’ll remember.  It seems like a perfectly normal bathroom until you open the back door and realize the shower and bathtub are outside.  Yes, literally outside.  Let me just tell you, showering with a frog sitting on the bathtub is an experience for the books.  Other than the bathroom, the room is really well equipped with things you may need.  The hotel provides a few power outlet converters and adapters, a flashlight, umbrellas and slippers to name a few.  They also provide the drinking water you need to brush your teeth.


The food here was really amazing.  Granted if you do eat here it is much more expensive than eating out in Ubud city.  It’s affordable for US standards but in terms of Bali costs, it is on the more expensive side.  The breakfast menu was full of so many great choices and was constantly changing from day to day.  It also included a few traditional Balinese options.  Best part is breakfast is all you can eat!  You literally can order any and all of the dishes that you want.  So if I wanted one of the traditional dishes, an egg dish, a smoothie and the fruit - it was all included (at least my breakfasts were included)!  The dinner menu was also delicious.  It stayed the same but there are so many options you can get something different every night.  Also, can I just take a minute and say how amazing the wait staff was?  The service was amazing.  Sometimes, it did take a while to get our food or we were just really starving those times, but the people were always so wonderful.


  • Wifi throughout the resort

  • Shuttle service to Ubud (15 mins away)

  • Morning Tai Chi

  • Morning Yoga

  • Balinese Dancing

  • Poolside Afternoon Tea

  • Walking and biking maps

  • Hourly car rental for $20/hr


The people working at the Alila Ubud were all incredible.  I have to say the Balinese people are some of the most hospitable people I’ve ever come across.  It seemed they always knew what we were doing or where we were coming from.  I guess it’s a small property so the staff is really attentive to the guests.  

If and when I return to Bali, I will definitely be staying at the Alila Ubud again.  It is just the right about of jungle oasis and secluded getaway you need.  But really, you'll have to see for yourself, especially that infinity pool.  It is breathtaking.

Check the Alila Ubud, here.

Yours Truly // Shannon

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