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Apple Picking + Fall Feels

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It’s finally starting to feel a little bit like fall here in Los Angeles.  I swear Global Warming has been roaring its angry head for the past couple of weeks here because it has been crazy hot!  It’s hard to get into the holiday spirit when there’s an actual heat wave in effect.  All I want to do is put on some boots and a cozy jacket.  It’s nice that the weather has started to cool down a bit making it actually feel like the holidays are coming.  And I found the perfect activity to get all of my fall feels.

I’ve been dying to go apple picking for a few years now.  It’s silly but I have some vivid memories of going as a kid with my cousin and our moms.  It just seems like such the fall activity to do.  But take note, the time to go apple picking is in September and October! I went the other weekend and there was only one orchard that still had apples to pick and there were literally only 4 rows to choose from.  C’est le vie - we picked a few apples each and had a great time doing it.  Ever heard of an Arkansas black apple?  Ya, me neither, but I have a few still sitting on my counter and they’re delicious.

There are a ton of Apple orchards in an area called Oak Glen. Oak Glen is about an hour and a half east of Los Angeles and let me tell you, it is like a whole other world even though its only a short drive away.  As we started to drive into the San Bernardino mountains, the temperature drastically dropped, like 20 degrees dropped, the streets were lined with rows of trees and the air smelled crisp.  Even if you decide to go here after all the apple picking is said and done, it is completely worth it.  They have tons of cute stores and restaurants and is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. They also do berry and pumpkin picking depending on the time of year. 

Google apple picking in Oak Glen to find all of the different places you can go to and out what they're offering!  We stopped by Riley’s Apple Farm (different from Riley’s Farm), Willowbrook Apple Farm and Los Rios Rancho.  There are at least 10 farms all along Oak Glen Road.

If you head out there, be sure to grab a fresh apple cider (I went with the cold version). It is deliciously tart and naturally sweet and to die for.  Don't forget a caramel apple, apple butter or a freshly baked pastry.

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm just feeling all sorts of grateful for the crazy blessed life I have. I'm so appreciative for all of my amazing family and friends and all of the opportunities I’m afforded. Hope you all have a wonderfully delicious Thanksgiving and have tons of things to be grateful for like I do! 

Yours Truly // Shannon