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My First Blogiversary!

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It’s been a year since I started this crazy adventure of blogging.  Hooray! Time to pop some bottles and celebrate! I was really excited about starting in on a new adventure but the idea of opening up myself to the world was super nerve-racking.  I know that I’ve learned so many things through this process.  The greatest thing I’ve learned is just to be myself and most importantly to be comfortable with who I am.  I remember being really concerned about how I was being perceived and sometimes letting that take over.  I’ve come to realize as long as I’m doing what I love, it really doesn’t matter.  And I have loved this past year of Shannon Did What.

When I started to get people requesting that I write certain blog posts, it started to hit me.  I felt like I was actually succeeding with this new adventure, like people were valuing my opinions and advice.  I love helping other people, so this was huge for me.  It was also crazy when my roommate started to refer to me as “her roommate…who’s a blogger”.  I never thought that I would think of myself of the “blogger” type, but hey never say never, right?

I’m so grateful for all of the support and love that I have been given over the past year.  Really it means so much and has really helped me be me!  Can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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Yours Truly // Shannon


Winter Whites

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Sometimes it's hard to think of myself as a "blogger".  I mean only started Shannon Did What like 5 months ago. Time flies when you're having fun, right?!  One of my best friends was helping me brainstorm upcoming posts and new shoot locations.  She suggested I go the "blogger wall".  Blogger wall? What's the blogger wall, I thought.  The wall in question, well, really it's an entire building, is the bright pink location of Paul Smith on Melrose.  I literally take Melrose to and from work almost every day and I had never noticed it.  Strange right?  Think I would've noticed a large bright pink building on the side of the street.

Boy, was my friend right.  This is the ultimate blogger wall.  I went during a lunch break during the work week and there were people doing fashion shoots when we pulled up.  It was crazy, it looked like this girl was standing on stilts in a floor-length gown.  Turns out it was just a stool, but still crazy.  My co-worker said she was there on a weekend and it was blogger central.  There were even girls that brought a partition to do mid-shoot changes.  I think I'm going to stick with my winter whites for this one.



Who said you can't wear white after labor day?  Also, when does "after" start?  Does it start over every year?  So confusing.  Let's just throw that away.  Winter whites is definitely a thing and I'm loving it. Totally fits into my neutral color palette.  Just be careful what you eat that day.  Nobody wants to walk around with mustard somewhere on your clothes.  Also, loving these lace up flats.  I have them in both blush and black because they are surprisingly comfy.  We all know flats although literally flat, can sometimes be deceivingly uncomfortable.  Not the case at all for these Steve Maddens.  I have a theory that if your foot is laced in or the shoe is strapped on in some way that they shoe will be more comfortable.  No fun when your feet keep slipping out.

By the way, I've never been a big make-up wearer.  It's definitely something I'm trying out now.  Thinking about doing a mini-series about make-up basics for non make-up wearers.  TBD, so stay tuned! Starting with lipsticks for now.  My cousin gave me this special editionSteven Klein by Nars lipstick for Christmas.  I don't have much to compare it to but the color is great and it goes on so silky.  A must try.

Yours Truly // Shannon