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White + Gold Desk Decor

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Desk Decor

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I think if I hadn't become a Graphic Designer, I might have been an Interior Designer instead.  When I moved into my apartment I knew it would be the perfect time to revamp my home decor.  It's been a long process, but I finally think my home is starting to look the way I've always imagined it.  Naturally, I started with my home office, since let's face it, that's where I spend a grand majority of my time at home, blogging, freelancing etc.  I wanted my workspace to be organized, bright, and inviting as well as functional.  I did tons of research, mostly on my fav Pinterest, and came up with the moodboard above.  I wanted it to not only look pretty but be a place for me to actually get things done and double as a vanity without actually looking like a vanity.  After getting rid of all of the clutter and finding some of the most perfect desk accessories, here is my pretty white and gold workspace:



Ghost Chair

Filing Cabinet/Seat


Tape Dispenser


Vanity Mirror

Gold Striped Notebook

Gold + White Binder Clips


I think my two favorite workspace finds were definitely my Ghost Chair and Filing Cabinet/Seat duo.  The Ghost Chair, designed by Philippe Starck, sells in stores for well over $400.  I love its sleek, minimalist design, but really, who can afford to buy a chair for that much money?  I can't!  Thus I found this copy-cat for less than $100.  There is also a version without arms.  In order to keep tons of paper off of my desk I decided I really needed some sort of filing system.  I found this Filing Cabinet/Seat duo from the See Jane Work line at Office Depot.  The best part is that it doesn't even look like a filing cabinet because we all know that those clunky metal cabinets can be serious eyesores.  Huge plus, it doubles as a seat!

Now the only thing missing from my desk is a brand spankin new Sugar Paper x Target planner.  Sad, sad story: I went to Target this week solely to buy a pretty planner and none found!  I asked the staff if they had any and they said it was all in the back, just not set up in the store yet.  Now I'm just going to have to make another trip to Target. Anyone else stoked about Sugar Paper x Target?! Or is it just me?

Yours Truly // Shannon