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Tape Pattern Easter Eggs

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Dyeing Easter eggs is my favorite Easter tradition in my family.  Scratch that, my favorite Easter tradition is the Easter egg hunt.  Or maybe it's the pink jello bunny my mom makes for dessert. Shoot, I guess I have a lot of favorite traditions for Easter.  And yes, we still do an Easter egg hunt on Easter.  And no, there are no children running around wanting an Easter egg hunt.  It's me.  I confess.  I love having an Easter egg hunt and I know my older brother and cousin love it, as well, and they're in their thirties.  The best part is the money egg.  Every year, my mom and aunts hide a tiny egg usually filled with a $20 bill.  It's the coveted egg to find.  We've all developed a strategy to find that egg before all of our other loot.  Who needs to pick up candy labeled with our names first when you can find money?

Years ago we discovered that you can draw on the hard boiled eggs with colorless wax crayons before dyeing them.  Now tons of kits include them.  It's a fun way to decorate the eggs.  The biggest downfall is that it's a colorless crayon so you can't see what you've drawn!  I was thinking of how to create some unique patterned eggs using something other than a colorless crayon.  I found some thin masking tape.   There are endless option with tape!  

The steps are simple:

  1. Cut tape to desired length.
  2. Create fun patterns.
  3. Make sure tape is secured.
  4. Follow kits' instructions to prepare dye.
  5. Dye eggs to desired color.
  6. Let eggs dry, peel off tape and enjoy!

The end result wasn't exactly what I imagined, probably, because the tape didn't completely adhere to the egg making the designs a little messy looking.  It is hard to put tape on a curved, slightly moist surface.  But this is definitely a quick way to create unique and fun designs for last minute egg dyeing.  I've seen a couple of other tutorials where they used spray paint to color the eggs.  I decided against this, since I'm not sure how editable those eggs would be after.  Also, this is a super cheap and fast way to create fun eggs this weekend!

Yours Truly // Shannon