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The Super Bloom

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I think by now we've all heard about the crazy lush super blooms that are happening in Southern California.  These super blooms are occurring because of the intense rain we’ve been getting.  Well, intense by Southern California standards.  April showers bring May flowers - oh wait, I mean February showers bring March flowers.  My Facebook newsfeed has been jam packed with pictures and videos of vibrantly colored landscapes of flowers.  Even the hillsides have been lined with lime green grass and weeds - a much welcomed change to the dusty brown color they usually are.

I've been talking to friends about visiting any of the many areas that are experiencing a super bloom.  The problem is, from LA, most of them are quite a drive. Factor in traffic, then it starts to turn into a trip rather than an outing. Luckily, I was in San Diego last week. I somehow convinced my brother to drive the "back way" home from there taking the 15 freeway instead of the 405 to pass through where there was a supposed super bloom.

Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore, just off of the 15 freeway is in full bloom.  It is a great alternative to visiting the Anza-Borrego State Park or Antelope Valley, since it is much closer in distance.  Although, being able to visit one of those two places would be awesome!  You can see all of the vibrant colors from the freeway.  Exit the 15 at Lake Street.  When you see the crowds of people and hoards of cars lining the street, you know you’re in the right place.  The plethora of orange cones is also a dead giveaway.

Once you find parking, there is a trail path that you can take.  It’s not a hard hike, but I would definitely come prepared with proper walking shoes.  I saw a girl in heeled booties - probably not the best choice.  It can get pretty dusty and you do have to hike.  If you’re like me and want to avoid the crowds, you can avoid trying to park right near the trail path and drive down a little bit on Walker Canyon Road. You can park on the side of the road there.  Trust me, it is much easier, and much less crowded.  I’d say the density of poppies there is less, but really not by much.  The colors are still so vibrant.  Hike up the side of the hills to get the pictures we all know you drove there for.

Now looking back at these pictures, it definitely is reminiscent of Julie Andrews in Sound of Music, just minus the singing and being in Europe thing.  If you ask me, these flowers are well worth the drive.   My brother, who I thought would not be interested at all, even was in awe.


Super Bloom in Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore.  
Take the 15 Freeway to Lake Street.  
Wear walking shoes.  
Take lots of pretty pictures.


Yours Truly // Shannon

Carlsbad Flower Fields

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I found the perfect place to visit this spring and since it was the first day of spring on Sunday, it really is perfect!  I spent the past week in Carlsbad at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa.  And as good as that sounds, I was working tirelessly the whole week.  It was exhausting, but that's besides the point.  Anyway, just 10 minutes north of the hotel is one of the most beautiful places.  The Carlsbad Flower Fields grow all kinds of different flowers and it literally looks like a rainbow of orange, pink, white, yellow, red and purple. There even is a giant American flag made out of flowers.  It's pretty impressive.  I stopped here last year around the same time and this time around the flowers are even more in bloom.  I found walking farther to the left after you enter is best.  The flowers on the far left are bigger and the colors are therefore more vibrant.  I'm sure they planted those first and then continue to the right.

It’s more so a photo op with a pretty backdrop, but if you go with kids, there is a tractor that you can ride that drives around the property.  I’d definitely recommend stopping here if you’re in the San Diego area. For $14 you can get some great photos and leave that much happier because let’s face it flowers just make everything happier.  Huge perk, it’s right next door to the Carlsbad outlets.  Shopping and flowers, what more could a girl want?

Check out the Flower Fields, here.

Yours Truly // Shannon