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Hanoi Sahul - Hanoi, Vietnam

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The city of Hanoi is one beautiful place.  It's full of such beautiful culture and incredible foods to try.  A stop in Hanoi is a must do on any trip to Southeast Asia and I found a great option for a place to stay.

The Hanoi Sahul hotel is a great, affordable option in Hanoi and it offers some really great amenities that would be any experience better.  If you love complimentary buffet breakfasts and a clean room, add Hanoi Sahul to your list.

I've broken my review down by category to make it easier for you to see all of the thing the Hanoi Sahul has to offer.


As soon as our car arrived at the Hanoi Sahul, the service was exceptional.  We were greeted by more than a handful of people that opened the car doors and retrieved our luggage.  After checking in we were escorted to our room.  The Hanoi Sahul are extremely aware and tentative to their guests.  I swear it felt like they knew where we were in the hotel at most times and made sure to escort us or call the elevator before we even turned the corner.  The staff was very helpful and flexible.


If you’re looking to stay in the Hanoi Old Quarter this hotel isn’t within walking distance.  However, it is extremely easy to travel anywhere around Hanoi from the Hanoi Sahul.  The hotel is about a 15 minute Uber to the Old Quarter which is usually less than $2USD. 

I actually liked that the hotel was more immersed in a more local area.  It somehow feels a bit more authentic.  The hotel is located very close by a couple of local malls with lots of places to eat.


The complimentary buffet breakfast that is included in your stay is one of the largest assortments I’ve seen.  You could have a meal and then some.  The spread included western and Vietnamese options and a giant from scratch Pho station.  What’s better than hot soup in the morning?  But seriously, I don't think I've seen a buffet breakfast this large that included such diverse and tasty options.


There are multiple amenities that the Hanoi Sahul offers.  They have two restaurants, an indoor pool and sauna, a karaoke club, massage shop and a bar on the top floor of the hotel with beautiful views of the city.  You can also get these 360 degree views from the second to top floor which is where the buffet breakfast is located.


The rooms are extremely spacious comparatively to most hotel rooms that feel like a small shoebox.  The rooms are clean, actually have English stations on the television, and a very high tech shower complete with about 6 shower heads to choose from. 

Next time you're in Hanoi, check out the Hanoi Sahul hotel!

You can check them out online, here.

*Sponsored Post: My hotel stay was provided in collaboration with Hanoi Sahul! All opinions are my own.