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how to tour dodger stadium

How to Tour Dodger Stadium

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It was my dad’s birthday two weeks ago.  I don’t know about you but figuring out what to get my dad is always hard because he seems to always have what he needs!  My brother and I usually end up getting some tickets to a sports game or something golf related.  I thought it would be repetitive to get basketball or baseball tickets and even kind of expensive so I went back to the drawing board.  I started think how cool would it be to get to stand on the field at Dodger Stadium.  How could I do this? Who do I know that could arrange this?  Thoughts were spiraling and finally I decided to just google it.  Low and behold it was super simple. 

Dodger Stadium offers Stadium Tours on a daily basis! 

I know many people would go ok, but it’s probably pricey, right?  Not at all.  It’s $20 for a 90 minute tour of the stadium including going onto field level, in the dugouts, the Vin Scully Press box, the original visiting team locker room, through all the trophy rooms, and a VIP suite.  They have multiple other tours you can choose from like a pre-game tour or VIP, but this one seems like these best deal.  Basically it’s a really awesome way to get some killer pictures throughout an empty Dodger Stadium.  I was talking to a friend who said he’d been on touring through Yankee Stadium and Wrigley but had never been on one of Dodger Stadium.  I think growing up near Dodger Stadium you don’t think of it as a tourist destination.  That’s one of the first things I think when going to another stadium.  I’m so glad I finally realized this was an option in LA!  There’s nothing like being virtually alone in Dodger Stadium!

Ps. when you're leaving the parking lot, I believe its lot P, there is a great view looking out at Downtown LA.  It makes for a great photo op especially with the Dodger Stadium letters in front of the skyline.  Of course you know what letter I took a photo with!  Don't miss it!

Find out about the different tours, check availability or grab your tickets to tour Dodger Stadium, here!

Also, ITFDB.

Yours Truly // Shannon