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6 Most Instagrammable Spots in London

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6 most instagrammable spots in London

What better a way to start of my Europe blog posts than with one from London.  I spent about a week and a half in London, which is by far the longest I stayed in one city during my month long adventure.  I definitely have a soft spot for London and it is one of the only cities in the world that I have visited not once but four times.  That’s saying a lot considering I have this constant struggle with revisiting places and seeing new ones instead.  London is just that special.

There is so much that is iconically London, but the following places are the most Insta-worthy places you should visit while in London-town.  They are all equally iconic, picture perfect and Instagrammable.

Big Ben


This view might as well be the official postcard of London, England.  Really, when you think of London, what’s the first landmark that you think of? It’s Big Ben, right?  Thought so.  This view directly across from Parliament and Big Ben is just to the west of the bridge on the walking path.

Madison London


I was on the hunt for best rooftop bars while I was in London, but I failed miserably.  Maybe it was because I was exhausted from traveling for 2 weeks straight or maybe it was because it was rainy (no surprise there!).  I did, however, convince some friends that we should head over to see the view from the Madison after dinner.  I think that was the single best decision I made while in London.

The entrance to this rooftop bar is by the elevators in the middle of the shopping plaza.  You can’t miss them.  There’s security there and if it’s a busy night (which it might be), you’ll have to wait in a line.  We waited all of 3 minutes before being allowed into the elevator.  As that elevator rose to the top, the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen started to appear right behind St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Did I mention the roof sits adjacent to St. Paul’s?  That alone, should get you to check this place out.

I should say the photo above, is a literal depict of the view from that night.  No crazy editing there.



Did you really go to London if you didn’t take a picture with an iconic British phone booth?  Or so I’ve seen others say.  We were on the hunt to find a spot where there were more than one phone booth.  You can find single phone booths around every other corner, but always by themselves like the one across the street from Big Ben.  This cluster of phone booths is just on the corner of Broad Court and Bow Street down the street from the Covent Garden.

Tower Bridge


On the north side of the Tower Bridge, just to the side of the Tower of London is in my opinion the best place to get pics of the Tower Bridge.  You can sit on these lovely benches under shade of some trees with this iconic view.  Yes, I don't think the Tower Bridge has a bad side, but I did tell you these would be the most Instagrammable spots, right!

Peggy Porschen


I’m going to go ahead and put this out there.  Peggy Porschen’s is the most Instagrammable spot in London.  I didn’t say iconic London worthy, but just plain Instagram, Profile-picture worthy.  Millennial pink, gold accents, flowers arching across the entrance and of course cakes.  Need I say more?

Notting Hill


I can’t help but have a soft spot for Notting Hill.  It may be because I loved the movie and Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, but there’s just something so cute and quaint about the neighborhood of Notting Hill.  You really could turn around any corner here and stop for a picture.  It is that photo ready.  And most of the buildings here are pastel-colored, yes!

Now you're all set to visit London and get the most profile worthy photos.  You're welcome!

Yours Truly // Shannon

LA's Most Scenic Instagrammable Spots

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There are a lot of recommendations for the best places to take pictures around Los Angeles.  You know, where can you get those pictures that are going to get you 100 likes (or more, go you!).  I’ve read them all and honestly I don’t really want to drive across the city just to jump in front of a wall to then drive back.  You should be getting something out of these spots.

I’ve put together a list of the Los Angeles’ five most scenic Instagrammable spots.  That’s right the most scenic and iconic views of LA. The ones that all of your friends will be begging you to tell them where you went to get your best ‘gram yet.  The spots that are the most recognizable scenic views that this city has to offer.


There are a bunch of spots around the city where you can get a great view of Downtown Los Angeles.  I’d say most of the views, though, are always views of the skyline in the distance.  Not many are that close where you can really get a sense of the size of the buildings.  I’ve only recently seen this view of Downtown and I knew I needed to find where it was.  Head to Hermosa Park and take a stroll in the park to find this amazing backdrop.  If you’ve seen any pictures of people sitting with their backs toward the city, heads up they’ve since removed one of the benches.  Previously there were two benches back to back.  Regardless, I’d say its the best view of Downtown and definitely very Instagram worthy.


Opening up the OUE Skyspace and Skyslide added a new and different tourist attraction to LA that’s so different than others.  It brings in that adventure aspect.  You can get 360 degree views of LA from the 69th and 70th floors of the US Bank building.  The Skyslide, also, provides an perspective of the city since it is a glass slide attached to the side of the building.  Unless the infamous LA smog rolls in, you can get a pretty unobstructed picture of the city from here.  

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If you’ve never heard of El Matador Beach in Malibu, you’re welcome.  When you want to take any type of pictures at the beach, this is the place for you.  The giant boulders on the beach at the bottom of some gorgeous Malibu cliffs are picture perfect.  Come for golden hour just around sunset and you’ll get some gorgeous photos.  Be warned, parking can be tough here and there are a large amount of steps down to the sand.  You could head to El Matador for a beach day, but the sand isn’t very wide and there aren’t bathrooms at the bottom.  I’d stick to photos here but if you’re set on Malibu for your beach outing head over to Zuma!

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Honestly, you can head to Venice Beach and find an Instagrammable spot around every corner.  There are too many to choose from to make this only one place in Venice.  The Palm Trees on the beach, the Venice Canals, the Venice Sign on Pacific and Winward or the boardwalk are all great picks.  Your pictures here will all scream scenic Los Angeles.


If the Santa Monica Lifeguard Stands don’t scream Los Angeles, I don’t know what does.  Baywatch, anyone?  All you need is a red one piece swimsuit and you’re all set.  Fun fact, it does say do not stand on lifeguard stand.  Not sure how much they actually enforce that.  Come early and you’ll get to experience Santa Monica beach without the crowds and get that picture for the ‘gram.

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Happy 'gramming friends.

Yours Truly // Shannon

How to Edit A Picture

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I think the graphic pretty much explains the main things I do when prepping a picture to post on any of my social media accounts.  I feel like I get asked all the time how I edit my photos, so for all of you that ever asked me, here it is!  These 5 steps are very easily done in the Instagram app itself.  It really varies for me from picture to picture if I will just use Instagram or pull the picture into another app.  

There are two main reasons why I would use another app: the photo is pixelated/fuzzy or the color balance needs help.  Photoshop Express is my favorite.  Maybe its because I use Photoshop all day, every day at work so I'm really comfortable using it, but the express app version is pretty simple to use.  Since I have a subscription to the cloud service, I just log in and can use my favorite and secret weapon: the reduce noise tool.  You, too, can use it, you can just purchase it.  I would.  If you do use it, use the reduce noise tool slightly, then sharpen slightly, but I would go back and forth.  If you just use the reduce noise without sharpening it could look a little weird.

My second favorite photo editing app is called A Color Story.  It really is the best when it comes to color.  This app specializes in brightening the whites and making colors more saturated.  Of course, there are tons of filters you can use (and buy).  These filters are really some of the better ones I've seen.  They're not your typical Instagram filters.  Or if you understand RGB, you'll have no problem using the sliders in the tools section.  I love that if my picture is a little to red or blue, I can easily balance the color through this app.  In other apps, the colors aren't broken down as much as in A Color Story.  If you aren't familiar with RGB sliders, don't fret, I think it's really fun to just play around with them until you get a result you're happy with.

Hope you got some helpful tips from my fun little graphic!

Yours Truly // Shannon