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museum of ice cream

The Museum of Ice Cream

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Yes, the Museum of Ice Cream is a real place.  And, let me tell you, it is what all of your ice cream dreams are made of.  Your visit is full of all things ice cream, giant popsicles, swings and the best part, a pool full of sprinkles.  I know I hate to burst your bubble, but the sprinkles are not real and you cannot and should not eat them.  There’s just so many things about this amazing museum, but here are the 5 things I decided are the best parts about it.  

If you have the chance to visit, I highly recommend it.  I hear that a second round of tickets went on sale and it is already sold out again, but fingers crossed they will issue a third round of tickets! Check the Museum of Ice Cream out, here.

- one -

Yes, you do get ice cream and candy during your time at the Museum of Ice Cream.  Sweet samplings include McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream, mint mochi, a handful of gummy bears, cookie dough and a pancake ice cream sandwich.  You heard me - a pancake ice cream sandwich!  Also, there is an entire room dedicated to gummy bears.  They have an ice cream cart or three that are jam packed full of gummy bears.  They then use an ice cream scoop to give you a giant handful of gummies!

- two -

I think we’re all familiar with millennial pink.  It is everywhere.  I mean its my favorite color.  Who doesn’t love that soft, blush pink?  Well, if you love it too, the Museum of Ice Cream is basically painted from floor to ceiling in that popular color.  The museum staff even wears head to toe blush pink.

- three -

While you may visit for the Ice Cream, it still is in fact a museum full of art.  Each room is thoroughly thought out and designing with artwork dedicated to all things ice cream.  Time time to appreciate it!

- four -

Other than for the ice cream, the Museum is a prime spot for pictures.  Let’s face it everyone nowadays does things for the ‘gram.  Right?  Well, here’s your next photo op.  Come here for some cute and colorful pictures that you can cover your feed in.

- five -

My favorite room, well, probably everyone’s favorite room in the museum because really what’s better than a pool full of rainbow sprinkles?  When you get to the room with ice cream cones stuck to the walls and there’s a bit of a wait, don’t fret.  That’s to get into the sprinkles room.  Each group gets a couple mins in the pool - thus the slight wait!