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The Spring Bootie

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Does anyone else have a constant battle with their closet?  Like sometimes you wake up and hate your clothes?  And then you can’t decide what to wear for the day because you don’t like your outfit selection.  When I really can’t decide what to wear, which let’s face it happens much more often then not, I rely heavily on my favorite place for outfit inspiration, Pinterest.  I spend a few minutes, or so, browsing for outfits that I can recreate with my wardrobe.  It’s pretty effective.  I’d recommend it for anyone struggling with dressing themselves in the morning.

Then there’s the struggle of wanting to buy more clothes and realizing shopping is expensive.  I would love to buy new clothes on the regular.  Style posts can be hard to put together especially when using old pieces in my closet that no longer are being sold in stores.  I decided that I’ll try to do style posts with clothes that I already have with maybe a piece or two that are newer.  I have one main rule for my closet.  One, if I buy something it has to be replacing something else.  No adding new hangers to accommodate new clothes.  Buy one, get rid of another.

I love wearing booties.  They're probably the most comfortable way to wear a bit of heel to work.  Only problem is with warmer weather approaching or for you LA natives like me, your foot can get a little hot in a closed-toe bootie.  I found the perfect solution.  These cute open-toe booties are going to be my go-to for spring.  The elastic slingback makes them extra comfy.  Check out Sole Society for these ones and tons of other great items including other cut-out booties perfect for spring.

Yours Truly  // Shannon

Necklaces on Necklaces

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Statement Necklaces

Style posts are definitely something that I struggle with.  I wouldn't call myself a fashion blogger by any means. I love fashion and finding the best trends for me, but I'm no expert.  Something that I've realized about my style is that whenever I wear a statement necklace, I tend to get multiple compliments and inquiries about where I bought it that day. Let's face it, I wear a lot of statement necklaces.  I may have a few too many in my collection but who's counting.  Statement necklaces are my go-to secret weapon and even wrote about it in an earlier post.

I've gone through multiple necklace phases.  Colored, bulky, chain link and so on.  This seems to be the same with my clothing choices too.  Neutrals have been on repeat for me.  I've been loving white, black, grey and beige.  I feel like a huge chunk of my closet misses me or something, but I can't shake it.  Anybody else get like that?  Anyway, right now I've been wearing a ton of gold and silver.  I also loved mixed metal necklaces.  I used to think that gold and silver didn't go together.  Like you couldn't wear gold and silver rings at the same time, but I've really began to rethink this.

Speaking of mixed metal, the necklace I'm wearing in this post also comes in a mixed metal version.  Part of me regrets not buying that one, but regardless I love this necklace.  Because I've been asked so many times where I get my necklaces, I wanted to put together a bunch that I love to share.  Some are silver, some are gold and some are mixed-metal and all are amazing.  Promise you'll feel great wearing any of these and probably even get a ton of compliments.  Totally a confidence boost.

Statement Necklaces

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By the way, if you sign-up for Bauble Bar you get an extra 20% off your purchase!  Once you buy pieces, they give you credits to use on a future purchase.  Totally encourages you to want to buy more jewelry pieces!  It's hard to not get carried away.  Bauble Bar is definitely one of my first places to look when I'm searching for my next shiny something.

Yours Truly // Shannon

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: The Hostess

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015 For the Hostess

1. Magical Thinking Pyramid Jewelry Stand - $24
2. Black Hexagonal Wine Rack - $23.99
3. Fireball Marshmallows - $7.95

4. Voluspa Gojo Tarocco Orange Candle - $26
5. Culinary Cheese Knives - $14.99
6. You're Like, Really Pretty Doormat - $34
7. 'Hampton' Gilded Ceramic Coasters (set of 4) - $28
8. Himalayan Rock Salt and Grater Set - $29.95
9. Sea Salt and Lavender Shea Butter Soap - $5
10. Zestt Antler Bottle Opener - $24


Second holiday gift guide is here and everything is under $35! Woohoo! I think if I had this 'you're like, really pretty' doormat, I would chuckle to myself every time I was at my door and then gain a little self-confidence at the same time.  Can you imagine leaving your house, reading your awesome doormat and just feeling that much more pretty?  It definitely beats my neighbors doormat that says, 'wipe your feet, stupid". 

Th Himalayan Rock Salt and Grater set looks so cool and a really awesome gift to any hostess.  When I was in Japan a few years ago at this crazy 9 course sushi dinner, we had to grate our own fresh wasabi from the wasabi root.  I don't even know how we had, literally, 9 courses of fresh fish, but it was heavenly.  Not only was grating our own wasabi the coolest thing ever, but for some reason freshly grated just tasted better and I don't even like spicy or wasabi.  Maybe its like fresh cracked pepper, its just better?  Regardless, this set seems like it would be a great conversation starter and fun addition to one's table.

Happy Shopping, whether its for your friends (or you)! I won't tell.

Yours Truly // Shannon

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