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Oscars Ballot

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Did you know that the Academy Awards and the Oscars are the same thing? I know, it’s kind of confusing.  The awards show is called the Academy Awards, but I think that more people started referring to it as the Oscars, which is what the actual statue is nicknamed, that both names stuck.  Funny to note that all the branding and website all use the name, “Oscars", now.  This year is the 88th Academy Awards.  I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I’m behind on my movies when the Oscars roll around.  I always want to see all of the films nominated, but never end up doing so, which makes it a complete guessing game on who will win the awards.  I mean I still haven't seen The Revenant or Bridge of Spies.  And then there’s always those few movies that no one’s heard of.  What is Trumbo or 45 Years?  There are best actor and best actress nominees, respectively, from both of those movies!

Each year growing up, my mom would have a little Academy Awards party and have printed ballots for us each to fill out our predictions for the winners.  I'm pretty sure she used to photocopy the one that the LA Times had in their paper.  It's just a fun little game to play while you're watching, especially for those of you who get competitive.  So for all of your guessing game fun or for those who have actually seen all of the movies, I designed a handy dandy downloadable ballot just like the ones my mom used to photocopy.  Grab a pen, make your picks and good luck!  I'll be rooting for Leo!

Click here to download!

Yours Truly // Shannon