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Top 10 Travel Essentials

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If you don’t follow my instagram, maybe you aren’t aware that I’m going on an epic cross country roadtrip next week.  I think its finally setting in that I’m going to be spending a hundred hours cooped up in a car and I am so excited!  I’ve always wanted to drive across the states to see what the heart of this country really looks like.  I think I’m also slightly anxious since I feel like I’m going to forget something or am missing some vital information.  I’m sure the sole reason I’m feeling like this is because I created our itinerary and did tons of research months ago.  So basically, I’m really over prepared and am stressing for no reason.  Well, I can reasonably stress about the fact that I’m not going to be checking any bags to get out of the airport as quick as possible.  I just have to figure out how to pack my purse, backpack, duffel bag and sleeping bag along with everything I need for 10 days into 1 bag and 1 personal item per airline regulations. No biggie, right?

As I have been packing, I started thinking about what are my go-to, must bring travel essentials.  I definitely have a set of items that I bring to make my travel life that much easier.  I think my favorite on the list has to be the Belkin Mini Surge Protector.  I don’t know about you but finding multiple outlets in my hotel room is sometimes a huge hassle.  This is awesome because it has 3 outlets and 2 usb plugins.  Perfect for my camera, GoPro, phone, portable phone charger, extra camera batteries and whatever else needs to be charged.  Never go searching behind the nightstands and hotel beds again!  Wisps are a must for those long flights where you wake up and just need to brush your teeth.  These ones are no water needed.  Melatonin is a must for traveling to different time zone.  Your body naturally produces melatonin which makes you sleepy.  This gives you that extra nudge.  These travel bottles are the best.  They don’t leak!  I hate when you arrive and unpack and your shampoo leaked all over your other toiletries.  And finally, I always keep a Bounce dryer sheet or two in my suitcase, especially were your dirty laundry is.  Trust me, it works.

Yours Truly // Shannon