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Seven Magic Mountains

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Finding art installations on the side of the road is something that I’m increasingly loving to do.  There’s a new installation on the way to Las Vegas (from Los Angeles, that is) that you can’t miss.  It is just about halfway between Las Vegas and Primm, Nevada off of the 15 freeway.  It’s called the Seven Magic Mountains and boy is it magical.  It just opened this May and will be there for the next two years.  Created by the artist Ugo Rondinone, the “mountains" are 7 giant rock formations that are as colorful as they are awe-inspiring.  Think a modern Stonehenge but neon.

I don’t think there’s much to say about this stop, except that you need to see it for yourself.  You won’t believe the scale and size of this piece.  Visiting them is really easy, as well.  You can’t miss them off the side of the road.  On the right if you’re headed north.  There’s a little parking lot nearby, but it is a short walk to get to them.  It was extremely hot when I was there, obviously.  It is the desert after all.  There was a pretty strong breeze though, which is definitely really nice.  Unfortunately, they have been graffitied already, so hopefully you’ll be able to see them before they’re gone or even ruined.  I don’t understand the draw of defacing another person’s property or even worse art.  You can probably see some of the markings in the pictures above.  Regardless, it still a great place to visit.

Let’s face it, you’re probably going to make it out to Vegas at some point this summer.  You might as well get cultured along the way!

Yours Truly // Shannon