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The Pink House

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Have you heard of #thepinkhouse in LA yet?  Or should I say pink houses, plural.  I got a wake up text from my roommate Sunday morning about it.  I mean, that’s one way to get me out of my bed.  Say pink houses and I’m up and wide awake.  Think the famous pink blogger wall a.k.a. the Paul Smith store on Melrose, but times that by three.  Everyone knows we millennials love our millennial pink.  Anything to take a pic for the ‘gram, right?

So here’s the deal. There are three houses that are set to be demolished at the end of the month to build a high rise apartment building in the Pico/Robertson area.  In the meantime, they’re empty.  The Most Famous Artist created a pop-up art installation and painted them all pink.  Everything is pink and I mean everything.  The leftover mail, the plants, even the doormats.  They didn’t even bother to pick up the mail on the floor - they simply painted over them.

It’s been rumored that this was all a sneaky PR scheme for rosé and national rosé day which was on Saturday and when I believe this installation may have opened.  But do we really care?  I know I sure didn’t.  This house is the barbie pink house of most every girl’s dreams.

If you’re not familiar, The Most Famous Artist, or Matty Mo, is known for his colorful, graphic murals around the city.  Another famous mural of his is the colorful polka dot wall outside the Springs in the Downtown LA Arts District. He has said he wants to explore how social media influencers can be used to promote art and brands.

Moral of the story: There are three pink houses in LA and they're going to be demolished in a couple weeks, so head there asap!

If you’d like to visit, this is the address:

1500 Hi Point Street


Yours Truly // Shannon