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LA's Most Scenic Instagrammable Spots

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There are a lot of recommendations for the best places to take pictures around Los Angeles.  You know, where can you get those pictures that are going to get you 100 likes (or more, go you!).  I’ve read them all and honestly I don’t really want to drive across the city just to jump in front of a wall to then drive back.  You should be getting something out of these spots.

I’ve put together a list of the Los Angeles’ five most scenic Instagrammable spots.  That’s right the most scenic and iconic views of LA. The ones that all of your friends will be begging you to tell them where you went to get your best ‘gram yet.  The spots that are the most recognizable scenic views that this city has to offer.


There are a bunch of spots around the city where you can get a great view of Downtown Los Angeles.  I’d say most of the views, though, are always views of the skyline in the distance.  Not many are that close where you can really get a sense of the size of the buildings.  I’ve only recently seen this view of Downtown and I knew I needed to find where it was.  Head to Hermosa Park and take a stroll in the park to find this amazing backdrop.  If you’ve seen any pictures of people sitting with their backs toward the city, heads up they’ve since removed one of the benches.  Previously there were two benches back to back.  Regardless, I’d say its the best view of Downtown and definitely very Instagram worthy.


Opening up the OUE Skyspace and Skyslide added a new and different tourist attraction to LA that’s so different than others.  It brings in that adventure aspect.  You can get 360 degree views of LA from the 69th and 70th floors of the US Bank building.  The Skyslide, also, provides an perspective of the city since it is a glass slide attached to the side of the building.  Unless the infamous LA smog rolls in, you can get a pretty unobstructed picture of the city from here.  

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If you’ve never heard of El Matador Beach in Malibu, you’re welcome.  When you want to take any type of pictures at the beach, this is the place for you.  The giant boulders on the beach at the bottom of some gorgeous Malibu cliffs are picture perfect.  Come for golden hour just around sunset and you’ll get some gorgeous photos.  Be warned, parking can be tough here and there are a large amount of steps down to the sand.  You could head to El Matador for a beach day, but the sand isn’t very wide and there aren’t bathrooms at the bottom.  I’d stick to photos here but if you’re set on Malibu for your beach outing head over to Zuma!

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Honestly, you can head to Venice Beach and find an Instagrammable spot around every corner.  There are too many to choose from to make this only one place in Venice.  The Palm Trees on the beach, the Venice Canals, the Venice Sign on Pacific and Winward or the boardwalk are all great picks.  Your pictures here will all scream scenic Los Angeles.


If the Santa Monica Lifeguard Stands don’t scream Los Angeles, I don’t know what does.  Baywatch, anyone?  All you need is a red one piece swimsuit and you’re all set.  Fun fact, it does say do not stand on lifeguard stand.  Not sure how much they actually enforce that.  Come early and you’ll get to experience Santa Monica beach without the crowds and get that picture for the ‘gram.

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Happy 'gramming friends.

Yours Truly // Shannon