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Resume Template Download

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A request that I get pretty frequently from friends is for help with the design of their resumes.  I’ve designed quite a few custom resumes.  I feel kind of like resume expert now.  Well, kind of.  It’s a great feeling when they all come back saying that the people they’ve interviewed with raved about their resumes.  Even asking if they can buy the template for themselves.  Or showing other colleagues.  I always would say, unfortunately, I customize each persons depending on their career history and depth of information.  Also, I usually use InDesign to create page layouts, which doesn't work for non-designers with no access to this program.  I got to thinking – maybe I could design a “template” for people to use, but in Microsoft Word.  So here you go! 

The funny thing is, everyone I’ve designed a resume for always says please don’t make it too “designy”.  It has to be corporate looking.  This always makes me laugh.  Sounds like something I said to my friend recently when she was doing my makeup.  I was like, “Please go easy, make it natural looking”.  She laughed at me, too.  Moral of the story, we’re professionals and are good at what we do.  So trust me!  I’m basically just organizing the information in an easy-to-read way.  I’m helping display your information in a pretty way.  There has to be reads.  What is the first thing you want someone looking at your resume to see and so on.  I’ve designed resumes for friends in the entertainment industry, an actuary and even an engineer and all have come back with such great feedback.

You can edit it with your information and use it as your own.  Just fill in the Hipster Ipsum (Lorem Ipsum using Hipster words) with your own words.  You may have to do a little thinking to fit the template to your personal information, but I've given you all the tools to create a great looking resume for yourself.  If you would like a more customized resume, shoot me an email through my contact section.  I'd love to work with you!

Download the Word Doc, here or view the PDF, here.

Yours Truly // Shannon