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What Would Beyoncé Do

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What Would Beyoncé Do - Shannon Did What?

I think we all knew Beyoncé was queen bee before, but man did she kill it with Lemonade.  I've never been a crazy huge fan of Beyonce.  Don't get me wrong, I love her and think she's super fierce, i just never listened to her music on repeat before.  After watching Lemonade, I literally cannot stop listening to her new songs.  They make me want to work harder to get shit done.  I've had her on repeat on all day and I actually got so much done.  I don't know what it is about Beyoncé but she leaves her listeners with a sense of empowerment and feeling of strength.  Just in case you forget it or have a weak moment, put this on your iPhone screen or desktop (or both!) to help give you a little more fierceness to take on the day and maybe even the world.  After all, who run the world?

Yours Truly // Shannon

What Would Beyoncé Do - Shannon Did What?

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