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6 Most Instagrammable Spots in London

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6 most instagrammable spots in London

What better a way to start of my Europe blog posts than with one from London.  I spent about a week and a half in London, which is by far the longest I stayed in one city during my month long adventure.  I definitely have a soft spot for London and it is one of the only cities in the world that I have visited not once but four times.  That’s saying a lot considering I have this constant struggle with revisiting places and seeing new ones instead.  London is just that special.

There is so much that is iconically London, but the following places are the most Insta-worthy places you should visit while in London-town.  They are all equally iconic, picture perfect and Instagrammable.

Big Ben


This view might as well be the official postcard of London, England.  Really, when you think of London, what’s the first landmark that you think of? It’s Big Ben, right?  Thought so.  This view directly across from Parliament and Big Ben is just to the west of the bridge on the walking path.

Madison London


I was on the hunt for best rooftop bars while I was in London, but I failed miserably.  Maybe it was because I was exhausted from traveling for 2 weeks straight or maybe it was because it was rainy (no surprise there!).  I did, however, convince some friends that we should head over to see the view from the Madison after dinner.  I think that was the single best decision I made while in London.

The entrance to this rooftop bar is by the elevators in the middle of the shopping plaza.  You can’t miss them.  There’s security there and if it’s a busy night (which it might be), you’ll have to wait in a line.  We waited all of 3 minutes before being allowed into the elevator.  As that elevator rose to the top, the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen started to appear right behind St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Did I mention the roof sits adjacent to St. Paul’s?  That alone, should get you to check this place out.

I should say the photo above, is a literal depict of the view from that night.  No crazy editing there.



Did you really go to London if you didn’t take a picture with an iconic British phone booth?  Or so I’ve seen others say.  We were on the hunt to find a spot where there were more than one phone booth.  You can find single phone booths around every other corner, but always by themselves like the one across the street from Big Ben.  This cluster of phone booths is just on the corner of Broad Court and Bow Street down the street from the Covent Garden.

Tower Bridge


On the north side of the Tower Bridge, just to the side of the Tower of London is in my opinion the best place to get pics of the Tower Bridge.  You can sit on these lovely benches under shade of some trees with this iconic view.  Yes, I don't think the Tower Bridge has a bad side, but I did tell you these would be the most Instagrammable spots, right!

Peggy Porschen


I’m going to go ahead and put this out there.  Peggy Porschen’s is the most Instagrammable spot in London.  I didn’t say iconic London worthy, but just plain Instagram, Profile-picture worthy.  Millennial pink, gold accents, flowers arching across the entrance and of course cakes.  Need I say more?

Notting Hill


I can’t help but have a soft spot for Notting Hill.  It may be because I loved the movie and Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, but there’s just something so cute and quaint about the neighborhood of Notting Hill.  You really could turn around any corner here and stop for a picture.  It is that photo ready.  And most of the buildings here are pastel-colored, yes!

Now you're all set to visit London and get the most profile worthy photos.  You're welcome!

Yours Truly // Shannon

Gat Rooms Hotel - Lisbon, Portugal

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My first stop of this crazy European Adventure of mine was Lisbon, Portugal.  I had the opportunity to stay with Gat Rooms Hotel in Rossio.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to have such a great hotel to stay at while in Lisbon.  Not to mention one as comfortable as this one to help me get through my jetlag.  

Speaking of jetlag – it doesn’t usually hit me on the way there.  It always gets to me when I return home, but this time was different.  The jetlag hit me hard the first few days abroad.

Back to the important stuff.  I know it's sometimes a challenge finding a hotel during your trip research, so I’m writing this in hopes of making your selection that much easier when looking to select your lodging for your next trip to Lisbon.


I really don’t think you can get a better location for a hotel in Lisbon.  Hotel Gat Rooms is extremely centrally located.  It was a 10-minute walk from the iconic Rua Augusta Arch, the Alfama area and the Chiado.  It was also just a 20-minute drive from the airport which was really refreshing considering airports are usually outside of the city limits making the commute pretty long and tiring after a flight.  

Do be sure that if you take an Uber, they drop you off on the main street where you then can walk between the restaurants to access the front of the hotel.  I was dropped off in the back, in front of a church and was a bit confused on how to enter the building.


I was really impressed by the great design of the hotel.  Well, to be honest, I’m conviced Lisbon should be known for its great sense of design.  Everything is so well thought through.  Even in the rooms, everything is very strategically placed with a minimal, hip look.  My room had this amazing window sill that looked out on the city with a great view of the São Jorge Castle perched on the hill.

I hope you noticed the empty birdcage with feather decals falling on the wall.  Gat rooms. Get it? A cat got the bird? I'm thinking Tweedy and Sylvester right about now.


I think “breakfast included” is one of the best things hotels can offer.  I mean breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Breakfast is something Gat Rooms knows how to do, well.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spread that vast – meats, cheeses, breads, pasteis, eggs.  I’m still dreaming about the melty ham and cheese sandwich I was able to make and press myself.  Not to mention the freshly squeezed orange juice station.  I don’t think I could get through this without also mentioning the self-serve, make-your-own hard or soft boiled egg station.


I think I imagined a smaller hotel not having very many areas to socialize.  Gat Rooms really encourages social interactions in their many lounge areas.  The breakfast area has a bunch of bench tables.  The room room has a great modern vibe with all red seating areas.  The two outdoor terraces are possibly at the top of my list of cutest outdoor lounges.  One of them even has shade coverings that can be used during the day and pushed back at night.  I also loved the pops of color and multiple shades of green to follow with the Gat Rooms branding. Did I sound like a Graphic Designer there? Guilty.

Check out Gat Rooms Rossio, here.

And if you didn't notice by the name alone (gat=cat), there are subtle or maybe not so subtle cat icons throughout the entire hotel.  Exhibit A, the cute cat icon on the hotel key card.  If you like neon, too, you're even more in luck.  The hotel is illuminated in a green neon light day and night.

Yours Truly // Shannon

*Sponsored Post: My hotel stay was provided in collaboration with Gat Rooms Hotel! All opinions are my own.

6 Iconic Los Angeles Spots You Can't Miss

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As a native Angeleno, I’m always getting asked where the must visit places around Los Angeles are.  The problem is as a local, I hadn’t grown up doing the “touristy” things around my city.  I only recently started to visit the famous sites.  Up until a few months ago, I had never been to the Hollywood Sign!  

I thought long and hard about what sites defined Los Angeles for me.  I wanted to come up with iconic sites that haven’t come and gone.  Places that aren’t just trendy or hip right now but maybe not in a few months.  I did my research and made a long list of places I needed to visit.

After visiting all of these places, I came up with the 6 most iconic Los Angeles spots you shouldn’t miss when you come to visit.


I don’t think you should come to Los Angeles, especially if you’ve never been, and not visit the Griffith Observatory.  The main reason is the view.  Honestly, I’ve been to the Observatory so many times just for the view and haven’t actually gone inside.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve visited the Observatory for many elementary school field trips and it is amazing, but the views from here are so amazing.  Come on a cloudless, blue sky and you’ll be able to see an unobstructed view of the whole city.  You can also choose to hike up to the Observatory.  There are lots of hiking trails to choose from.


Speaking of hiking trails, the one I found to get the best view of the Hollywood Sign is a must do.  Sure, there are many ways to view the sign.  You can see it from Griffith Observatory.  If you’re up for it, you can hike up behind the sign, as well.  Nothing says Los Angeles like the Hollywood Sign.

Check out how to get the best view of the Hollywood Sign, here.


The Broad has quickly become a staple of the Los Angeles scene even though it has only been around for a couple of years.  Every time I’ve been, has been enjoyable and different.  They have so many pieces there that you may see different art each time you come.

Tickets are free, but you should reserve them in advance.  Showing up day of could set you back on time a little since the line can and usually does wrap around the block if you don't have tickets.

Check out more about the Broad, here.


If you were to visit only one museum on your trip, I think I might lean towards the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  It is so big and houses every genre and medium of art you can imagine.  At the very least, come to see the famous lampposts and levitated mass sculpture.  If you plan in advance, you might be able to get to see the Rain Room.


The Getty is one of the best places in LA to spend the day, maybe aside from the beach.  And really, you could spend the entire day here.  The grounds are beautiful, the views are impressive and the art collections are just as amazing.

Admission here is free, you just have to pay for parking.  


What’s more LA than the end of Route 66?  The Santa Monica Pier is definitely iconic.  Come here for the food on the pier, the carnival games or rides or just to hit the beach.  My personal favorite is the trapeze school.  I think that's a story for another time though.  Trust me though, check them it if you're curious.  Beware, a trip here could come with a large crowd, but it's definitely a can't miss.


There really are so many places to add to your LA to do list, but these are definitely Los Angeles landmarks that should be at the top of your list.

Yours Truly // Shannon

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