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Decorating with Roommates: Living Room Decor

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Am I the only one who has dreams of how I'm going to decorate my home?  Maybe its the designer in me, but I love thinking about how I'm going to organize my things and what new item I can get to pull the whole look together.  Maybe I was an interior designer in another life.  This really could be because I recently moved into a new apartment and I'm convinced that girls just love to nest.  It's definitely an integral part of getting situated and feeling like you have a space of your own.

Living with a roommate, makes the experience a little different.  Don’t get me wrong, I love living with my roommate, but in having a roommate you have to learn to nest and decorate together especially since we both want to have an “adult” apartment thats cozy and pretty to look at.  Of course, I still have dreams (and a moodboard!) of what my future living room is going to look like, but that’s just going to have to wait until I get a place of my own.  It has been a crazy (fun!) process trying to figure out how to mix our two styles.  My style is definitely more neutral, contemporary and simplistic while my roommate is more global, boho but also simplistic.  That’s where we overlap in our styles.  We both don’t like clutter and lean toward a more minimalistic look.  We came up with a simplistic, global style that we’re both loving and having a blast finding pieces to blend our tastes.  It’s great because we are travelers and have a bunch of pieces we’ve acquired from our travels.   Above is the inspiration board we're using to create our perfect living room.

The first piece we got to start this journey was a rug.  It looks similar to the one pictured in number 3 above and is definitely a great way to add some color (shocker for me!) and should really tie everything together.  It is still a process and we’re still figuring out how to put the finishing touches together.  Hopefully, it’ll be ready soon and I can do a follow-up post!

Also, the above is just a sampling of the crazy moodboards I create for these types of projects.  I had so many people asking me how I do it.  I love Pinterest and being able to see your pins on one board, but I feel like they’re all so spread apart and sometimes you don’t love everything you’ve pinned.  I pull my favorites into Adobe Illustrator, but this is very easily done in a program like Powerpoint or even Microsoft Word.  I tend to also pull pictures of the pieces I’m thinking of buying (i.e. TV stand, coffee table, shelves, etc.) to see how they all look together.

Happy decorating!

Yours truly // Shannon

Summer Boho

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Well, the time has come.  I'm fresh out of content from my epic cross country road trip earlier this summer.  After driving for 10 days through 16 different states, I had a ton of places and tips to share, but everything good has to come to end, right?  Well, don't worry I will be posting a roundup of all of my road trip related posts probably later this week.  

I've been dying to post about my new favorite summer maxi dress from Lulu's.  I grabbed it a few months back but just rediscovered it in my closet.  I actually wore it this past weekend.  I was hanging out at the rooftop bar at the Ace Hotel downtown for a friend's going away party. They have a pool, lounge and bar up there.  If you're ever looking for a fun place to spend an afternoon, I'd highly recommend it.  They even had air conditioning in the bar area and tons of shade, which let's face it are huge factors when considering where to go in this recent heat wave in LA.  Also, LA Chapter, is on the street level of the Ace and has a great brunch and really fun drawings all over the walls.  

Anyway, I love that this is probably one of the easiest outfits to put together.  Grab a cute maxi dress, a hat and a fun accessory and you're done! Ps. Ignore the fact that I'm my arm is literally up in every photo.  Amateur poser here, haha.

Looks like they have a waitlist for this amazing dress, so sign up and be the first one to find out when it's back in stock! And while you're on their site, take a look around.  Lulu's is increasingly becoming my new favorite shop for dresses.

Yours Truly // Shannon

Stan Smiths

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I'm starting to get into wearing sneakers.  Like most of my other fashion choices, they come in waves.  I went through a bootie phase, sandal phase and so on.  I guess I'm onto the sneaker phase.  They are just so much more comfortable to throw on sometimes.  Maybe its that I'm just going back and embracing my tomboy ways.  I'm kind of liking mixing it up and pairing sneakers with more feminine pieces.  Sometimes a floral dress and moto jacket with sneaks just work.

During my search to find new sneakers (my chucks have been on repeat), I starting looking at the usual suspects - Vans, Adidas, Keds, Converse, etc.  I used to love my Adidas back in elementary school.  I remember I had the white with blacks stripes and loved them.  I came across Adidas’ Stan Smith line.  First of all, I have no idea who Stan Smith actually is, but the clean, all-white look with a small pop of color had my name all over it.  They’re so minimal and chic.  Only problem is everywhere I looked, they were no where to be found in smaller sizes.  I think the smallest size they carried was an 8.  A shortly like me can’t fit a size 8!  And as I researched more, I found out they run 1-2 sizes large.

I’m normally a size 6 shoe size so I knew I’d need a 4-5 size.  I somehow stumbled across kids sizes and just my luck all the reviews were from petite women with small shoe sizes!  I ended up ordering a size 4 and the rest is history! And I got them for cheaper since they were kids shoes.  For all you shorties, take note, kids sizes are totally acceptable!

Now let's hope I can keep them clean!

Yours Truly // Shannon